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Rate list?
Do you guys think we need one or nah
What's that ? About rarity ?
Yveltal X
Major @ Team Rocket !!
Yh we do need one
[Image: 0AsiTeX.jpg]
It wouldn't hurt but who will decide what rates what? I for one like certain things more then others and vice versa
Member of Team Rocket

Thanks to Cody,Ghosty,Azuredragon,Akram and EvenSteven for all your help 

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Its a list that factors in rarity, obtainable or not, popular opinion etc.

I'm not 100% for the idea, so thought I'd see what others think

Mumbles, would be a group effort
Would have to be a pretty comprehensive and involved list with multiple variable values. But if it could be established it would help the trading advance quickly.
Values could be based off a core variable or have separate variables.

(Example Only)
Level = w per 100mil xp
Shiny = x
Midnight = y
Gold = z

Then like z = 2y
y = 13x
15w = 1z

Θ = Level 5000
0.5Θ = GoldenRaikou
15Θ = GoldenMew X

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