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Donation Pokemon (2)
Nintendo wont do anything
I can arrange the permissions

But honestly, I think it should be a in game currency based system where you use the paid currency to access a certain shop (almost like advanced token shop, But for paid currency). That way, I can help around for advertising in game through trialpay or other like platforms where we can generate revenue, but player that don't have money can still gain paid currency via watching videos or doing surveys. It works for other sites, heck it works for 90% of the app market. Why can't it work Here.
Abhi I will discord you soon

Chinoo a few things:
Promotions should be kept quiet until finalized, I've seen you announce it here and on chats before. There's no point confusing people further as the team has already changed a lot recently. Anyways, we are not promoting anybody just for paying (it failed with Cody & all current staff voted against it). If you wish to pay to help out or advertise another way feel free. We were going to give you a DGM trial because you've been helping new players, have capacity and are willing, but there a still a few qus about your activity etc. Long story short, the other guys are still discussing it but have been busy eg Gin is in Wales

Pm me if you want to know more, let's get back on topic

I will design a basic "Shop" and post it for users to rate/vote on
Gin can code it hopefully and Abhi will get permissions
I will sort the cash flow and use the money for Google adsense
Chinoo you can help show me how to set up said adverts

Copy of the Special Gifs:
[Image: latest?cb=20140212132845]
[Image: sableye-21.gif]
[Image: latest?cb=20160831120743]

Please post feedback, Purrloin has two 'r's I know.
How is the pricing? How is the selection? Should we remove a gold and instead make the bottom left row:
Shiny, Midnight, 1 Gold? Is there enough pokemon? Are there too many?

Oh note, ninetales is in there for the gals. I felt we needed a mix of boy-girl typical pokemon

Looking at that, I for one would fork out a lot Tongue

Edit: Just realised the 100mill pricing is off
I do not mind if Ghosty handles cash flows and adverts. Tell me when a proper account has been set up, and then tell me what is your specific plan for adverts in detail.
I cannot do that until Abhi tells me what he meant by getting permissions/explains how he plans to do that.
I've been researching and legally, this is a tricky area that we have to approach carefully

[Image: latest?cb=20160914115045][Image: latest?cb=20160831120757.gif][Image: latest?cb=20140212124739][Image: latest?cb=20140212132914]
Theres a whole bunch of these images, we could use as Special edition pokes. (google image, xy attack)
Ghosty I will reach out to trialpay a d get more info when I hear bacj
Ghosty, adding trialpay and other like companies will require adding a separate page on your site and intergrating their applet, which I believe is Java based so it requires some coordination between you, gin and I in order to see it happen. Let's wait for Gin for come back from vacation anf i get into staff chat and we'll get it all set up in the meantime, I think it would be a good idea for you to start signing up for developer accounts for us on these companies. Some good ones are: Supersonic, TokenAds, Trialpay, Matomy, Paymentwall, and Fyber
We will also need to come up with an in game currency first to send to these companies. I'll PM you my cell number on WhatsApp and we can talk there easier and if anything we can call I have set up a Dev account for Trialpay already so we just need to build to shop and create a currency.

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