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1. Do not cheat, such as using macro or promo hoarding, doing so will result in an immediate ban.

2. Try not to get banned, or you will miss out on a lot of great opportunities.
3. We do give warnings, but if a staff member feels the need to ban immediately, then that can also happen. You have been warned.
4. Be respectful and polite to everyone. We are all here to make friends and not to push them away.
5. Do not use profane or vulgar language. (Remember that children can be out there.)
6. If a staff member has answered or solved one of your issues, then do not keep bothering them about it.
7. If you feel that a staff member is breaking a rule, then report them to a high staff member and the issue will be handled.
8. Do not ask about how you can become a staff member, if our staff team needs more people, then promotions will follow.
9. Do not pretend to be someone else, especially a staff member, doing so will result in an immediate ban.
10. Keep content anywhere on here child-friendly.
11. Attempt to DDoS or do any following harm towards the server is against the rules and may some out into a fairly strong consequence!
12. Do not beg our higher level staff to make you a staff in other social media. It will also get you temp banned.
13. Do NOT pm any staff member asking for free things, because it will not happen. If you keep asking after being told to stop, then it will result in a ban.
14. If you got banned, then do not keep bothering a staff member about it.

15. Do NOT beg or ask another player for their personal/social media information on here or on the rpg.
16. Do NOT make threads that are directed at another player.
17. DO NOT bump up old threads. (This hasn't been an issue until recently.)
18. Please do not mention or advertise any other RPGs on Chats/Forums/Game.
20. No inter-site trading with other RPGs etc or real life money
21. Please use English when posting or in the shoutbox
22. Do not post any contents which leads to racism or such remarks!
23. References to other RPGs are allowed as long as they are not explicit advertisments.

24. Evading bans cast on you is strictly prohibited and this can lead to a ban extension or maybe even a permanent ban

If you got banned, and if you want to make an appeal. you can contact a team member here

To make things crystal clear about MULTIPLE accounts

1. You can have a MAXIMUM of 3 accounts.
2. You can ONLY claim promos on ONE of the accounts. This is especially enforced for golden, super-rare or Gender X promos. 
3. In events, you can only use ONE of the accounts to participate. 
-> In events such as Aura Break, where you collect cells from normal RPG activities, you will be allowed to gather these event items. But they must NOT be turned in. 
4.  Please do NOT use multiple accounts for weekly challenges such as Monster Park and Generations Park. Use only ONE account.

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