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The Complete Discord Guide!
Discord Web Client

Contents / Divided Sections:
1.  Discord Web Client
2. Discord Desktop Client
3. Getting to know it well!
4. Account Settings 
5. PokeGen Server Details!

Why Discord?

Discord is an All-in-one voice and text chat program which allows us to communicate with each other by voice, by channel chats in the voice, by text in the public chat and by in talking to people in private. This new program will not only let us voice and chat on a new level, but will allow the staff team to be more readily available. Either though the #help chat or by private messaging them. Not to mention you get some pretty great features, which can be further explained here: Discord Features

For you lovers of TeamSpeak who are disappointed in this transition, know that Discord has a lot of new things to offer. And with what's planned in the upcoming updates, it's definitely set out to be something great, something you don't want to miss out on. Give it time, Discord will surely grow on you 

1. Discord Web Client

It is highly recommended that you use the Desktop client instead of the web client for using Discord. It can and will have its limitations that will prevent you from getting the 100% optimal use.

Step 1: Locating Discord
The Discord module is on the left side of the home page.
Click 'connect' on the module to get connected.
Spoiler: ImageShow

Step 2: Joining Discord
If it's your first time with Discord, you will see this screen from previously clicking 'connect'.
Enter any name you wish, perhaps a name people will recognize you as.
Spoiler: ImageShow

Step 3: Claiming an account on Discord
This is what you'll see upon connecting.
In the orange bar at the top click 'Claim Account'.

You will see this

[Image: fBUH9CH.png]

Enter your Email and Password. Click done to save. (An email and password that you will use to login)

Now just verify you Email and congrats you now have an account on Discord.

Since you're on the web version, you'll have to always reconnect by clicking the 'connect' button on the Discord Module that's on the home page. At that point it'll either let you go in right away or it will prompt you to login with the credentials you used to create your account.

 Discord Desktop Client

As said earlier, it is highly recommended that you use the Desktop Client. If you're sticking to the Web Client, scroll down a bit.

Step 1: Downloading and installing the Desktop Client
Hopefully you're still on the web version. If not, at least you know how to get there now.  
Go to the bottom left of your screen, where your name is located.

Click download apps.

This will appear.

[Image: 5vufgvc.png]

Choose the client you use.

Install it and start it up.

Step 2: Logging in on the Discord Client
The first screen you will be prompted with with starting up Discord will be this.

[Image: 1UnX6pG.png]

Enter the Email and Password that you used to claim your account.

You will automatically connect to PokeGen's Discord.
This is what you'll see.

[Image: c1e9b00ac15f4411b27baf124f8504f0.png]
Getting to know the usage

Text Channels
[Image: dd52ceaadf604179aeb0a103fca63204.png]

[Image: 6e1f8322904f4814a23f1701cfed5439.png]
[Image: 4d34ba9e27764b7a991eaadc39806422.png]
Private Messages 
[Image: af546c214792493ab30aa8d7bbbf1b0e.png]
Account Settings

In order to access your Account settings, click the cog in the bottom left

Settings Button
[Image: f5be53ea8079463fa5835a37143a4586.png]

In the voice tab
[Image: TfZRzn1.png]
You can set your input and output device to whatever you use, but in most cases it should work on default.

If you want to use push to talk.
Under 'Input Mode', click the drop down box and change it to push to talk.
While selecting the key you wish to activate.
Then click 'Done'.

In The Notifications Tab
[Image: Jt68L84.png]

You can uncheck or leave checked any of the sounds you desire.

Incoming and outgoing ring deal with people calling you on Discord.

If you're using Push To Talk, 'PTT Activate', and 'PTT Deactivate' will be the most annoying for you, if left checked.
When the 'Enable desktop notifications' box is checked it will ring your desktop every time a message is sent on the Discord server. Unless your notifications have been modified here.

To Open Your Notifications Section

[Image: 4d32d594b7d947ffb05ccf24bad086fa.png]

[b]Other Notifications SectionShow

Based on how you set this up it will tell Discord what to and what not to notify you with.

Now click the 'Appearance' tab.

This will appear.

[Image: mh07At4.png]

I hope this guide did really benefit you, if you are still confused, here's a youtube video!

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