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Notice Pokemon Transfer
Pokemon Transfer can be done by Moderators/Administrators etc, 
Note: (Ghosty can perform transfers) 

But, we only do it on some conditions.

Some likely events are

- Someone hacked your account and stole your pokemon
- You need to contest your pokemon which is very rare/uber but is above all the level cap criteria
- Somebody has been banned training your Pokémon, provided you have sufficient evidence
- You want to donate Pokémon from your banned account to #100

We will NOT transfer items/money/reputation/tokens except in exceptional circumstances
Very rare/ uber lmao
[Image: 0AsiTeX.jpg]
Nice ...good to know the specifics of this
Member of Team Rocket

Thanks to Cody,Ghosty,Azuredragon,Akram and EvenSteven for all your help 

[Image: tumblr_o71n52y9CX1uaundno1_500.gif]

Staff cannot "lend" you high level pokemon of their own/ or haxed pokemon.

Although, they are allowed to lend you high level pokemon which are real, and are under their respective level cap via normal private trades system. 

Transfers Won't be allowed for such purposes.

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